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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 26, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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of the 70, 20 arrested were state parolees. >> we want to engage them on our terms. last month officers contacted a parolee who made the decision he wasn't going to be taken into custody, shots fired and no one but the parolee was injured. >> reporter: there were some wanted suspects who weren't captured but operations like this tends to encourage those who were not swept up to go to other places. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. law enforcement officers have dismantled a west coast drug ring and the charges include a large amount of drugs. 20 people were indicted. most of the men are from the bay area, including san
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francisco, oakland and san jose. the arrests come after a four year investigation by several law enforcement agency. another 23 people were arrested in a related investigation in seattle. tears and frustration following this afternoon's hearing involving san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. ktvu's rob roth is live with the troubling e-mail posh cuters reveal. >> reporter: the hearing ended a short time ago. ross mirkarimi asked the judge to allow him to see his wife and sun but the judge said no. >> reporter: this was him an hour ago after he heard the judge's decision. >> i am -- i am incredibly disappointed to say the least. this has been enormously crushing, the fact that i haven't been able to see my
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family. be with my wife, be with my son. this is cruel. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi's wife, ellana lopez, left the court in tears without comment. the judge issued an order keeping him away from his family but the prosecutor opposed his request to see his family. she said ellana lopez send an e- mail saying ross mirkarimi watched their son for two hours and the boy was not fed, left in a car and was wet. his attorney said a report said evidence of emotional abuse were unfounded. he is charged with domestic violence, endangering a child and dissueding a wins. >> i will fight this. but as i said this moment one, the only way i can is to let the process unfold and do so in the courts.
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>> reporter: the judge said ross mirkarimi should be going to familydurate get the order lifted. the trial starts next month. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. growing concerns about airplane noise from san francisco international airport and one man says he has proof pilots are breaking the rules. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live with more. >> reporter: we checked it out, as the economy recovers and memories of 9/11 fadeaway, more and more are taking a the skies and neighbors are really noticing it. >> save fuel. save time. >> reporter: complaining about airliners taking off. >> supposed to fly four miles out from the airport and make a
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left turn and come back. what they are doing is cutting the route short. >> save gas. save fuel. >> reporter: proof is this departure map, designating a left hand north. >> no one is following it. that is it real issue. >> the purpose of the planned route is they would lose radio communications. >> reporter: it is not a mandatory hi way in the sky. >> once their air born they can deviate from that pattern at any time. >> we want the airlines to fly the extra 15 seconds. >> reporter: but controllers must maintain a safety space around each plane. that conflicts with planes leaving oakland airport that also fly there. as a result, san francisco international airport airliners
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are turned before candle stick. >> not one item, this is a 3d chest game you are playing. >> reporter: in any event, neither san francisco international airport or the airlines have any authority. it is the faa that trumps state and local governments. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. california senator barbara boxer accused spirit airlines of misleading the public over new rules. spirit posted warnings claiming it requires airlines to hide taxes. barbara boxer said they call the claim over the top feared tactics. she said the new regulations are designed to make airfares more transparent by requiring all fees be disclosed to customers. jobless claims surged last week. first time claims rose 21,000
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but many companies released seasonal workers which could skew the numbers. the unemployment rate is 8.5%. mixed economic news had the stock market up and down today. stocks rose but retreated later in the day. the dow lost 22.33 points to 12,734.63. the nasdaq fell 13.03 to 2,805.28. the dow climbed 85 points during the day, bringing it within 30 points of its highest level since 2008. it is still more than 1400 points below its all time high reached in 2007 and would have to make a gain of 11% to get there. president obama campaigned for his blueprint for america plan today in las vegas. >> hello nevada. >> president obama spoke to
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workers at a ups center promoting his agenda. he pushed for the sale of new oil and leases in the gulf of mexico and called for developing more clean, burning energy efficient vehicles and the president said it is time to raise taxes on the rich. >> do we want to keep the tax cuts for the wealthiest or invest in everything else like education, clean energy, like a strong military? >> the president is on a 5 day tour of battle ground state to push the goals in his state of the union address. and one of the stops created political fall out. the president got into a gust up with jan brewer yesterday. president obama and the governor had what looked to be an intense discussion, even pointing her finger. coming up, what the two were discussing and who is claiming
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disrespect today. to election 2012. mitt romney continued his attacks on president obama and his economic policies. mitt romney said american is on the wrong tract and he said the president hasn't done enough to improve the economy. >> this has been a ground-hog day presidency. he keeps saying the same things and we keep waking up with the same things going on. >> polls so mitt romney and newt gingrich are in a dead heat in florida. a public forum is scheduled to begin within the next hour focused on gas pipeline safety. he held a news conference. he is one of three assembly members hosting the event. pg&e and the puc will be in attendance. >> for the san bruno explosion
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in 2010 till last year, it has become clear this is a critical safety issue. >> that begins at 6:00 p.m. in the counsel chambers at city hall. a caltrans technician is being allowed to resign. they fired him for fabricating test results. he admitted wrong doing but appealed the decision. as part of the agreement we will be able to resign but we won't be allowed to take legal action. caltrans did not admit liability, it says the settlement avoids a trial. is an electric car in your future? back here in 10 minutes, large waves long the coast, dense fog and a bit of a warm up in your neighborhood. see you here in 10. ññg
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california roadways will get greener as big time auto makers focus in on the state and its drivers. ktvu's sal castaneda is live with more on what is expected to be a boost in car manufacturing. >> reporter: very few cars on the road today are zero emission vehicles. most are not. but now new rules could transform what you will be driving in the future. >> reporter: auto makers are focusing on california. this week's regulators will approve new rules that will require 15% of cars sold be 0% emission. >> we are concerned about environmental issues and making sure we are leaving the earth good and safe for the next generation. >> reporter: she says customers here are more aware than ever of green technology and low
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emission vehicles. >> what customers are looking for is increasing gas mileage, which you would get with a electric vehicle or hybrid and the zero emissions. >> reporter: ford and others are set to increase production of hybrids and electric vehicles. the new cars look better and have improved technology. california's rules could set the standard. >> we need less smog and pollution in our world. >> any possible way to encourage it. >> reporter: some worry the restrictions could be bad for the economy. >> we got too many regulations in the economy. if the economy, given a chance to recover, at that point, when everybody can agree we are back where we were 5 years ago, it
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that would be the time to think about it. >> reporter: under the new rules, in 2018, 4% of all new cars would have to be 0 emission and that caps off at 15%. sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. beginning today taxes and feeze in airfares won't be hiddenment and. -- fees in airfares won't be hidden anymore. aims also must give passengers 24 hours to cancel without penality and prefunds of bag fees are required if your suit case doesn't arrive with you. >> we want to make sure people are treated with respect. the idea they are playing money, they know what they are
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paying for. >> passengers must be notified of flight delays of more than 30 minutes. fisherman's warf is do for a face lift. they plan to upgrade making it pedestrian friendly, widening the sidewalk and narrowing the street. estimated to cost $5 million and they hope to have it done before the america's cup. new rules governorring the management of american's national forest. it will promote reforestation and they will create opportunities for the lumber industry and for the public. the rules take effect in march and will replace old rules. our coast has been under a high surf advisory and we asked ben to shoot big waves in
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pacifica. look what got his attention. the dense fog. can't even see the end of the peer. the high surf advisory has been extended for 40 minutes. lot of us saw that fog and not just the one on the coast. >> the environment is right, wet ground, calm winds and long nights. live reading. 11 feet off san francisco. interval is in the teens. big swell. you get a 20 second interval, that is really big swell. 15, 16 is very large as well. the swell is coming down. smaller tomorrow. fog coming over angel island. the fog, as we mentioned, creates visibility problems. great highway, pacifickia. as you travel -- pacifica. as you travel tonight, more of
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the same. long the coast today, real bad. this was 1:00. ocean beach ehighway. est surf was in san francisco, you see the fog and low clouds. coastal fog, valley fog, back again tonight. less coastal fog tomorrow. we will see plenty of valley fog in the usual spots. highs today. 62 in santa rosa. current temperatures. nice. warmer than yesterday. these are the overnight lows. 40 in santa rosa. 41 napa. 44 vallejo. 45 fremont. dew point 38 degrees. when the temperatures reach 38 degrees, fog forms. especially inland. partly cloudy, patchy fog over night. forecast for tomorrow, mild
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overnight, 30s, low 40s. day time highs tomorrow, 60s tomorrow. when i come back, to the five- day forecast, rain in the five- day forecast, close to the 5 day, bay area weekend in sprue because it is almost here. >> thank you. kaiser hospitals are setting the standards, the treatment they provide for aids patients that will be used nationwide. >> flexible, deployable. >> and the defense secretary defines america's new fighting forces, the changes he is making and why, straight ahead.
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today the senate passed an anti-smuggling bill that gabrielle giffords' introduced. and yesterday on the day of her resignation the house approved the bill. he resigned to focus on her recovery. a new proposal budget that shrinks the size of the nation's fighting forces. >> the military will be smaller and leaner. but it will be agile, flexible, rapidly deployable, and advanced. >> the plan calls for a defense budget of $525 billion, plus $88 billion for the war in
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afghanistan. a $33 billion cut from disyear's budget. it cuts ground forces over the next 10 years. there will be a emphasis on technology, as well as naval and air assets, he says the u.s. military presence will remain strong. >> we will rebalance our global posture and presence. to emphasize where we think the potential problems will be in the world. >> he says the military will receive full pay raises for the next two years with scaled back raises after that and there will be no pay cuts. republicans criticized. he said it would put the country in danger by creating a pre-9/11 military. kaiser has had amazing results from reducing deaths
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from aids and hiv. kaiser says the mortality rate is 2.7% but their rate is half that. they want to teach the rest of the nation how to keep more of their patients alive and healthy. >> we treat 90% of patients within 90 days. number 2, we make sure that we follow up. 94% of our patients stay on the treatment. >> kaiser says it will share its approach through web nares, tool kits, treatments and one- on-one consultations. bernie frank is getting married. he plans to marry his partner. they will be married in
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massachusetts. he announced he was retiring at the end of his 16th term. archy comics released an issue featuring a same-sex wedding. he marry as doctor he met wile recovering from injuries he sustained as a iraq war vet. a big surprise today for a youth basketball team in oakland. warriors' monte ellis stepped in at the ymva and common came with him. they helped conduct a special basketball clinic for the team. >> i wish i had the opportunity to meet celebrities at that age, come in and surprise me. like i said, it is a great thing. something i always wanted to
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do. giving back. >> he was referring to his me8 foundation that supports education, and community awareness. why lighting up in front of a bar cost one man, why he is in jail. tonight. b.a.r.t. is making an appeal, the action it wants commuters to take to catch copper thieves.
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] whoa, whoa, whoa. break it up! please swipe credit card. i've got roughing the passenger's wallet. you okay, son? yeah, thanks, ref! looks like they hit you with a fee pretty hard. they sure did. good call, ref. please swipe credit card.
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look! see! that's it! you're gone! thanks, ref. swipe card, swipe card, swipe -- [ male announcer ] bags fly free. southwest airlines. it's the right call. complete bay area news coverage continues, this is ktvu channel 2 news at fev. deputies site a man for smoking too close to a building and they cover he is a suspected killer. deputies say the homicide took place in oakland.
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that is where ktvu's jade hernandez is live tonight. >> reporter: deputies seating a man for breaking a smoking ordinance, realized he is wanted for a murder in oakland in front of this market. >> reporter: that sports bar was one stop for deputies last weekend. it was the smokers who caught their eye. an employee just run the men off. >> we tried to smoke over there, they told me not to smoke here. >> reporter: he should have put his cigarette away. smoking was his down fall. it is a violation of a county law that bans lighting up within 20 feet of buildings. after checking i.d., they found him wanting for a december
5:29 pm
murder in oakland. >> be careful on every stop, everything that you do, because you never know who you will be dealing where. >> reporter: the death took place in the afternoon in front of this market. >> everybody was running out saying call 911. >> reporter: the man died here. she works across the street from the market. >> it is a lot to deal with. >> reporter: she welcomes the news of the arrest. >> we need justice around here. too much going around. >> reporter: police are not releasing the suspect's picture tonight. he is being held without bail and there were no issued when he was arrested. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. police are getting tips that they hope will lead to a
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murder suspect. they released this photo yesterday. he is wanted in connection with a january 4 shooting and killing of white. the shooting happened after a argument. he is considered arned and dangerous. voters may have the power to eliminate the high-speed rail project. the secretary of state gave them the go ahead for a signature gathering drive. the act would eliminate the rail authority and prohibit state funding funding for the train. if that happens it would put an end to the project. they need to collect 800,000 signatures by june 21. b.a.r.t. is helping riders to help them catch copper thieves. >> reporter: conductors noting our cameras right away.
5:31 pm
somed and some waves as -- some honked and some waves. they were both instrumental in solving recent cases. the passengers and the public. >> must be happening during the middle of the night when rains aren't running. >> reporter: do you think passengers can do anything about that? >> no. >> reporter: in a state, authorities are asking the public to be their extra set of eyes. looking out for pshing activity and they ask riders for people taking photographs. >> i have never seen anybody. >> never seen anyone suspicious. >> no. >> reporter: we may have a better idea of why. we shot this video this morning and slowed it down so you could get a good look.
5:32 pm
look closely. they all have one thing in common, nobody seemed to see us, our camera or our bright light. all seemed to looking down. not out. >> i watch out for me. >> reporter: do you watch the tracks? see anyone suspicious? >> no. not really. >> reporter: police say this is the public's problem that came at a cost of $90,000 last year for an agency funded by public money. the cables are key to keeping your train efficient and on time. while police are watching, b.a.r.t. hopes you will too. ktvu channel 2 news. rick santorum today vowed he will stay in the race despite his low showing in the polls. he attended a prayer breakfast today and he told voters to be
5:33 pm
sure of a candidate's values before they cost their ballots. >> less power in washington and more power to you. reducing the budget. spend less money every year in washington if i am the president. every year we will reduce the deficit. >> rick santorum told reporters i guarantee you we are going to be in this race for a long time. newt gingrich called for a revamped strategy. he campaigned in florida today. heeds one of his first acts would be to study our military strategy. >> design a millidary budget and national security budget and intelligence budget around containing and defeating the threat -- >> polls put newt gingrich in a tie with mitt romney in florida. that state holds its primary tuesday. freshman college students
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lean further left. researchers survade 200,000 students around the country and compared their answers to past surveys. 71% support same-sex emergency. that is 6.5% higher than 2009 and a larger percentage took more liberate positions on alluring and medical marijuana. two projects are ready to get underway an they approved $85 million to help pay for them. 1.7 miles of highway 4, between loan tree way and hillcrest avenue. the other would make the highway by pass a four lane highway. the federal government is expected to require cars and
5:35 pm
light trucks get 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. making those more fuel efficient engines could add 3- $5,000 to the price of a car. the standards are expected to be announced in july. mac world opened in san francisco today, the reason why it is still an apple fantasy. and the ailment that is blamed on the ipad. sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. try something funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months
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with a one year term. at&t.
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a government report says companies that were bailed out during the financial crisis still owe $133 billion and the inspector says some of that money will nev be recovered. billions of dollars went to general motors and aig but because of the economy it could be years before they break even. mac world opened today with a new name. mac world i world. the general manager says people can discover new ways of using
5:39 pm
those devices and many ugadgets. >> it is a mobile lifestyle event. people are using their iphones and i pads. >> even though apple pulled out it is the ultimate event for apple fans. it runs through saturday. according to researchers, using an ipad could cause a pain in the neck. they examined the effects. and they looked at the head, neck and shoulders. users that hold the device around lap level usually hunch over to look down and they say that puts strain on the neck muscles. more so than someone using a laptop. the amount of coffee women drink could effect their estrogen levels. researchers studied the effect on women and found depending on race, it effects levels differently. african american and asian
5:40 pm
women who drank two or more cups had elevated levels. white women had slightly lower levels. a report finds that working overtime could be harmful to your health. employees may be at risk for major depression. they analyzed data and found the risk of depression doubled for people who worked 11 hours or more a day. past studies linked heart disease with overtime work. a figure skating pair wrapped up their competition this week in san jose. craig norris and anna piece finished sixth. next week they travel to oregon to take part in a skating show called ice, camera, action.
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a 72-year-old woman facing foreclosure is inspiring a protest going on right now by occupy san jose. what has and hasn't been accomplished. some dense fog, you can see it there. angel island. how long the fog sticks around and what is your bay area weekend like?
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at this hour a protest is going on at a south bay bank led by occupy san jose group, the 40 demonstrators say they
5:44 pm
are trying to help a woman facing foreclosure. ktvu's robert handa is live with the latest. >> reporter: we are outside the chase bank. as you can see it is the latest target of the occupy san jose movement. demonstrators from occupy san jose were joined by other groups. the crowd marched into the chase bank to protest a foreclosure on a 72-year-old woman. who says after her husband died she was persuaded to take out a predatory loan from washington mutual bank. she says she has been trying to renegotiate the terms. >> i am doing this since october 7 and trying to negotiate and they just don't budge. i gave them $150,000 to buy my
5:45 pm
house, all my savings. >> till the people get out and are angry, nothing will change. >> reporter: san jose police did show up but no arrests were made. although chase officials declined to comment on the situation or the protest, they ushered her upstairs to discuss her situation. she is reapplying for a loan modification, but the bank acknowledges it won't be able to delay the foreclosure. so her situation and the protests will continue. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. thousands turned out to bid farewell to joe paterno. today's memorial service at the penn state basketball arena caps three days of public morning. his wife attended the service
5:46 pm
where he was rerememberred as a legend at penn state. >> joe's success and his impact didn't end sunday when he died and didn't end yesterday when we said good-bye, it will live on in this place, penn state. >> joe paterno's death came three months after his outesting in the wake of child sex abuse charges against jerry sandusky. a poll shows people are changing their minds over the decision to fire joe paterno. the poll indicates 42% support the coach's firering -- firing. that is down. a political war of words heated up today over a dust up on the tarmac between president obama and the governor of arizona. when president obama arrived in arizona yesterday, governor jan
5:47 pm
brewer was there to greet him. they got into a heated exchange and she pointed her finger in his face. jan brewer said president obama was upset that she called him patronizing. >> i talk with my hands. i am not hostile. i respect the office of the president. i felt threatened if you will, the attitude he had because i was there to welcome him. >> the governor said the president was thin skinned and that he showed disrespect by walking away while she was still talking. the white house said jan brewer inaccurate discribed her meeting with him in her book. late today president obama made his own comments about the exchange with jan brewer. >> what i discovered is that i think it is always good publicity for a republican if
5:48 pm
they are in -- in an argument with me. this was not a big deal. >> the president said despite reports, he was not tense during that incident. to the bay area weather. lot of fog all over the bay and we are peeking ahead to the weekend. >> valley fog, coastal fog and that is where we stand now. foggy along san jose, the fog comes back tonight. the winds shift northeast tonight so the coastal fog won't be as aggressive in the morning and will clear along the coast. clearing skies tomorrow. warmer day time highs for the weekend. dry. no rain in the forecast. we have rain showing up monday, perhaps. we will see. highs from today. 67 in santa rosa. 65 napa. highs tomorrow, similar to these. another warm day ahead. in the pacific, not that there
5:49 pm
is no storms. there is plenty of activity in the pacific and plenty of moisture streaming our way. look at that. going like this. up, and over. that is not what we need. that went down through us. the next ridge is going up and over. sorry about that. high pressure is in charge. low pressure gets close. that gives you wind as we head into tomorrow. that is what will have a good shot at clearing off the coastal fog. high surf advisory goes away. be prepared. i think it will be a nice beach day tomorrow. this time of year. weather looks nice. friday, morning hours, looking for the fog. the model isn't picking up the fog. i expect more valley fog. the cloud forecast, clear skies, mostly sunny for friday. nice weekend. well, more clouds on saturday
5:50 pm
and sunday, nice weekend for february. forecast highs, 66 napa. 65 fairfield. good air quality. 68 morgan hill. 67 in san jose. 64 in livermore. home town, right? >> my people. [ laughter ] >> beautiful in livermore valley. we love it here. mike is a marin county. >> you bet. fabulous sunset. >> five-day forecast, just went by with your weekend in view. >> you are talking about a beach day in february. gamlers inyisha are celebrating sebastian norman and the game of choice is back rack. it often has a $10,000 a hand minimum. players spent more than $1.5 billion last year playing that game. that is a quarter billion more
5:51 pm
than what they spent on blackjack. a big admission from pat sajak. he said he hosted wheel of fortune drunk. he is vanna used to go to a restaurant and they would throw back several drinks. he said he had a great time. he says alcohol no longer play as part in his hosting duties. it was once a san francisco staple but flames took it down but now a classic city establishment is back is we will take you inside the original joes straight ahead. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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another option for fast food breakfast. taco bell introduced a breakfast menu today. it looks to go nationwide by 2014. prices range from 99 cents to $2.99. the someof the stores are right here in california. -- some of the stores are right here in california.
5:55 pm
three, two, one. >> reporter: mayor ed lee cut the ribbon to open the new, original joes. and a priest blessed the restaurant. it was a land mark at its taylor street location and it burned down 5 years ago and the family decided it was time to move. >> it was a tough thing for me to leave there. my heart will always be there somewhat. >> reporter: her parents opened the original joes and she says it was a part of san francisco history. >> generations of people walked through the doors, did business there, met their girlfriends there. >> reporter: they promise their customers will find the same home style cooking and they salvaged as much of the old joes as they could. >> they know they are home. we try to find the things we could remove, the stools, the counter, the paneling, the
5:56 pm
brick that was that back bar. >> reporter: she is on board now. >> for everything there is a season and this was our season to make the change. >> the opening of the new original joes is coming home of sorts, her father who opened it began his career as a bus boy in north beach. coming up, a key day in court ends in disappointment for san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. why he was so upset and walnut creak tackles violence the aggressive action the city is considering to crack down.
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. complete bay area news coverage storts right now -- starts right now, this is -- at 6:00. tears and disappointment. the day in court for san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi dogged by allegations by domestic violence. i am mike mibach. frank somerville is off. >> and i am julie haener. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi hoped the hearing would reunite his family. ktvu's rob roth is live where the sheriff and his wife both
5:59 pm
left disappointed. >> reporter: the prosecutor revealed new allegations regarding ross mirkarimi and his two-year-old boy. >> reporter: san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi came to court hoping the judge would lift a stay-away order he issued two weeks ago. after a hearing the judge denied the request. >> this has been enormously crushing, the fact that i haven't been able to see my family, be with my wife or be with my son. the prosecutor sited an e- mail she said ellana lopez wrote to a neighbor in october. in it the e-mail says ross mirkarimi watched their son for two hours and he was wet, hungry and vomiting and left in a car. she argued the child is devastated from being aw


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